The Museum Project

In February of 2017, I started a journey to visit and review every museum in New York City. I slowed down after a while, but the end was in sight when the pandemic threw a major wrench in my plans. I’ve recently updated my museum database and can share a view of the emerging post-COVID New York museum landscape.

These pages host 198 reviews of museums of all types, from all across the city, for a fairly generous definition of “museum.” There are only three museums in the City I haven’t visited, all in Brooklyn oddly enough. I plan to check those off the list this spring (they have reopened), and I’ve got a few updates to write — The International Center of Photography among others.

Useful Resources

The Map

I built an interactive map of all the museums in New York, though I have not updated it for which are open at this stage of the pandemic . Hope to do that soon.

Google Map of NYC Museums

Project Background

Museum Reviews

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