Socrates Sculpture Park

Edification value
Entertainment value
Should you go?
Time spent 28 minutes (it was chilly)
Best thing I saw or learned Bryan Zanisnik’s “Monument to Walken” (2016) A bunch of cement heads of Christopher Walken, sprouting from the ground like malevolent mushrooms.  If I had a garden, I would absolutely want one or two for it.

Socrates Sculpture Park is a fantastic place to see, well, sculpture.  Located on the East River waterfront in Queens, it hosts changing exhibitions of works designed for an outdoor environment.

Should you go?  It depends. A bit on what’s on view, and a lot on the weather.  If it’s pouring with rain or sleet, I’d recommend don’t go.  On the other hand, it’s free, and a stone’s throw from the Noguchi Museum.  So if you’re going there (and you should), you can easily drop by the sculpture park too.

When I went they were showing the Emerging Artist Fellowship (EAF) 2016 exhibition, a bunch of works by up-and coming artists.  It was a mixed bag, like all such shows are. I really want to go back when they are doing a show of di Suvero or other monumental work, which would be amazing in that context.

Galeria Perdida, “All Else is Pale”