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Welcome to GothamJoe. 

I’m Joe Laszlo.  Manhattanite, Renaissance man, digital media maven, master of diplomacy, student of East Asia, Columbia alum, lover of discourse, writer, baker of breads, sailor, reviewer of museums, wanna-be astronomer, traveler, opera-goer, and many other things. 

This space provides a personal and professional base for sharing my thoughts and work with the world. After spending quite a bit of time thinking about brands, “Gotham” stood out. While I’m no caped crusader, I do like bats.  And the New York ring works for me as well.  And, well, “Joe” was just obvious.

So GothamJoe it is.

For my professional bona fides, see my Linkedin profile or download a copy of my resume (pdf).

At the moment, this site is mainly the home of my Museum Project, an ongoing effort to visit and write about every last museum in the five boroughs of New York City.  (There are about 200 if you’re wondering.)

It also contains Joe’s Foodie Spot, my writing on food. This has been somewhat eclipsed by writing on museums, but still, I’m proud of some of my culinary creations, as well as what I’ve written about them.

Scroll down on this page for both of those, or follow the relevant links above.

The Museum Project

In February of 2017, I started a journey.  I’m going to visit and review every museum in New York City. This site currently hosts over 120 reviews of museums of all types, from all across the city. Given 190 total New York museums in my database (the number fluctuates a bit — I’m always discovering new ones!) I have a ways to go. But I’m well on my way, and I’m documenting the adventure here.

What’s New

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Joe’s Foodie Spot

Cooking and eating creatively, thoughtfully, and well…