The Museum Project: Milestone I

I’m now 50 museums into my project.  140-ish to go. That’s 26% of the way, for those keeping score.

Some other fun facts and figures:

Money Spent $94.00
Time Spent (actual museum time, does not include travel or writing) 47h, 53m
Average Edification (out of 5) 3.10
Average Entertainment (out of 5) 2.94
Average Enthusiasm (which is what I should’ve been calling the “should you go?” rating) (out of 5) 3.38
Average Time Spent per Museum 57m 28s

Time and Money Redux

I’ve been careful with the money so far — taking advantage of free days, my IDNYC card, and friends with guest privileges. 

Practically two entire days of my life spent at museums since I started doing this. I’m glad I’m tracking that. It beats spending that time on line at Trader Joe’s.

Also in terms of time, I recall with chagrin a planning post where I wrote some crazy nonsense like “I’ll visit 20 museums per week” or something.  What a naive fool I was!  I posted Hamilton Grange on 3 March, 58 days ago.  That means my true pace is 0.86 museum per day.  If I keep it up it’ll take about 165 more days before I’m done.  Daunting!

But it has been a ton of fun so far.  I have gone places I would never have gone otherwise, many of which I will happily visit again.  There have really been only a few where I felt my time was not well spent.  So, onward, I’m sure there will be 50 more done before I know it.

Here’s an updated map:  museums added since v1 in green, museums removed (due to closure) in red, and visited museums in purple: