Center for Book Arts

Edification value  2/5
Entertainment value  3/5
Should you go?  3/5
Time spent 34 minutes
Best thing I saw or learned A book turned into a fantastically eroded landscape by Guy Laramée. Google that dude, his work is amazing.

Center for Book Arts, Anthropocene Show, Manhattan
Guy Laramée, “Archaeology,” 2010, altered book

The Center for Book Arts is one of those quixotic organizations whose unlikely existence helps make life in New York worthwhile.  In this digital age, the idea that an organization will teach you how to letterpress print, how to bind a book, how to marbleize paper, seems hopelessly, charmingly, vitally anachronistic.  In addition to classes, the Center for Book Arts also offers memberships; join and you can go and hand-set lead type to your heart’s content.  Just don’t lick your fingers while you do it.

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