Ground Zero Museum Workshop

Edification value  
Entertainment value  
Should you go?  
Time spent 57 minutes
Best thing I saw or learned I appreciated the inappropriate irony of this shot of a movie poster in the destroyed subway station at the World Trade Center.

Ground Zero Museum Workshop, New York
Collateral Damage

During this project, mercifully few museums I’ve visited have felt like a waste of time.  Some because they required significant travel time to get there.  Some because their collections, space, or abilities just failed to live up to expectations.  But up until I visited the Ground Zero Museum Workshop, I never felt ripped off.

Ground Zero Museum Workshop, New YorkThat it’s an institution related to September 11 doing the ripping makes it all the more vexing.  If you want to learn about 9/11, the large museum at the World Trade Center, the 9/11 Tribute Museum, or the moving display at the Fire Museum are all reasonable choices.  This is not.

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9/11 Tribute Museum

Edification value  3/5
Entertainment value  2/5
Should you go?  3/5
Time spent 80 minutes
Best thing I saw or learned A tiny origami crane folded in 1955 by a girl named Sadako Sasaki, who was fighting leukemia due to the bombing of Hiroshima.  

9/11 Tribute Center, New York

Sadako’s brother gave the crane to the families of 9/11 victims in 2007. And the museum points out that several 9/11 charitable foundations helped in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami of 2011.  Ripples of compassion.

9/11 Tribute Center, New YorkThe 9/11 Tribute Museum occupies the second floor of a nondescript office building just a few blocks south of the World Trade Center complex.  While its role is now overshadowed by the massive memorial and museum to the north, it manages to differentiate itself, offering a distinct voice in commemorating the worst day in New York’s history (so far).

A project of the families of victims of September 11, this museum opened in 2006 as the effort to create the official memorial dragged on. What could easily be a place of mourning and despair instead chose to focus on kindess, compassion, and resilience. Continue reading “9/11 Tribute Museum”